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The tools and resources will support you in your journey, whether you are just starting out or are further in your understanding of financial wellbeing. Uopi are so deserving of abundance, changing and growing.

 We know this money work can feel hard to get through, so take your time. You don't have to figure it all out today or even tomorrow. Just be willing to try and to take one action forward.

Money and Mental Health Programme

  • Discover your Money Story

    Explore your money story and your beliefs around money and how to sustain your mindset shift long-term.

  • Explore the Connection between Money and Mental Health

    Look at how to spot the signs and building your confidence to start the conversation about money and mental health in the workplace.

  • Practical Tools & Resources to Use Everyday

    A practical programme that will give you information, tools, and resources to work on your financial well-being, build resilience and confidence to support others.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome 👋

    2. What is your money relationship?

    3. How to use this course

    4. Before you get started....

    1. Money Mindset

    2. Your Money Story- Workbook

    3. Your Money Story

    4. Money Blocks and How to release them - Lesson and Download

    5. Real Money Stories

    6. How to change your money mindset

    7. Chapter Recap

    1. Introduction to how to spot the signs.

    2. How to spot the signs

    3. Mental Health Issues and Conditions

    4. The cycle of how money and mental health effect each other

    5. Signs and Symptoms

    6. How to start the conversation about Money and Mental Health

    7. How to deal with a disclosure

    8. Internal and External signposting

    9. Chapter Recap

    1. Resilience

    2. What does Resilience Mean?

    3. Resilience - Workbook

    4. The characteristics of a resilient person

    5. Building Resilience

    6. Top tips for building resilience

    7. Why resilence building is a journey not a destination

    8. Chapter Recap

    1. Financial Wellbeing Intro

    2. Financial Wellbeing Guide

    3. Financial Wellbeing Top tips

    1. Thank you for completing this course!

    2. Exit Survey

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  • 33 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

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